Friday, March 9, 2012

Juniperus Flamenco by Jenny and Ande Enochsson

The end of winter arrived, but the rooms of the house remain cozy in the details of a modern central heater. Such is the way of Texas weather. So, what is a better way to spend an afternoon than to sit down with Juniperus Flamenco, the most recent book of poems by Ande and Jenny Enochsson.

This couple lives in Sweden and have established themselves as talented writers, amazing poets, as well as fine publishers and editors. As the founders and owners of Rufous Press,
they have edited a number of works, both collaboratively and individually, but their latest, Juniperus Flamenco is well worth taking the time to read and then read again.

Any collection of contemporary poetry would be incomplete without this book. Both Ande and Jenny employ evocative imagery with a simplistic touch of complex thoughts and ideas. Their multilayered writing will astonish the reader with each page containing a treasure.

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