Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ed Balldinger

Imagine the bright morning sunlight cut by the fine crystal of a wine glass resting on the weathered wood of a picnic table. Such a diverse image of contrasts expresses what I have found in the poetry of Ed Balldinger.

His collection, From Cavity’s Kitchen To The Bone Comber’s Home, is a stark combination of creativity, illustrating the universal concepts of heart tugs in images drawn from everyday and anywhere.

From his poem I Saw You There (p 42) :

“I saw your face in a lapping flame of
a late night campfire and as the ashes rose,
I was exposed to your elements,
so I stoked the fire with wood.”

These simple, everyday images tug at the reader’s emotions. The double and triple layers of meaning are just one example of Mr. Balldinger’s style.

I always recommend supporting contemporary poets but especially so in this case.

His book as well as his CD’s can be obtained directly from the source himself.

You can also enjoy more of Ed’s writing at:


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